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Q Skatepark Covid 19 Procedures

Overarching rules:

- Do not come to the park if you have ANY Covid symptoms (cough, runny noise, fever, chills, shortness of breath, headache, sore throat etc.)

- A face covering is required to enter the building and worn in the shop and if sitting near people in the viewing areas.

- Please keep all personal items off the white tables wear people eat and drink. Use the park lockers. 

- Absolutely no smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco, spitting in the park. (This will lead to immediate dismissal)

- We are limiting numbers in the Park. Please keep that in mind when making your plans to visit. 

Access: There is one entry door that leads into the skate shop where you pay to access the Park. You can leave through the break room door which is exit only and through the three (3) large garage doors in the Park when open. 


Cleaning: The Park floor & ramps, bathrooms, doors, tables, lockers and other touchpoints are cleaned regularly. This is standard procedure, we just added additional cleaning throughout the day. We have removed some touchpoints (water coolers, music players). There are two sinks in the park and hand sanitizer in the shop. Please wash your hands regularly. 

Communication:  For updates on Park hours, implementation of sessions and events, please refer to, Instagram (@Qskatepark), Facebook (Q Skatepark) and Twitter (@QSkatepark). 

Hours of Operation: We are limiting the hours of operation for now from 2pm to 8pm on weekdays, 12pm to 8pm on Saturday and 12pm to 5pm on Sunday. We will be limiting the number of people in the Park. This has only come into effect when rain is predicted for most of the day. We will implement timed sessions. For instance (Monday - Friday 2pm to 5pm session and 5pm to 8pm session.

From late March to November the Park is not as busy so we should not have a problem with high capacity unless there is rain. 

Food: The food/drinks we sell is packaged/sealed. Staff will be wearing masks and gloves when handling food. 

Guests: On days where sessions are being implemented to reduce capacity, we ask that only two adults accompany a child and that skaters do not bring friends that are there as spectators. This includes someone coming to just provid If you are not skating, a

Lockers: Please use the lockers to place personal items, food and drinks. Do NOT place on the white seated tables while skating.  We have enough lockers for each participant that visits the park. You can bring a lock or we can provide one for your visit. This way we can keep the tables clean and they can be used for people to sit and eat/drink. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items left in the Park unattended. 

Masks: Masks are mandatory entering the Park through the skate shop and for spectators watching. Masks are not mandatory when skating since it is a strenous activity. 

Park: The Park (7500 sq feet) has three (3) large garage doors that will remain open (weather pending) for increase air circulation. We have also invested in fans that to increase air flow and for the comfort of skaters and guests. 

Payment: We do accept and encourange contactless payment. We accept Google and Apple pay. Customers paying with a credit card that has a chip can enter payment themselves. We are accepting cash.

Rentals: Please provide your own helment and pads. We do have a variety of pads and helments for sale in the shop. Using used helmets and pads in not encouraged. 

Seating: Seating in the Park has been reconfigured for social distancing. Please use the tables for seating to rest and or for eating. Do not use the white tables to place personal items or to work on your skateboard. You CAN use the benches for personal items and drinks but we prefer you to use the lockers. We want to keep the tables are clean as possible. We have a work station to grip a board or change wheels and trucks. 


Social Distancing: Keep six (6) feet apart from other people in the building. Two adults can accompany young skaters but please do not bring friends to watch that are not skating. 

Temperature checks: We are NOT providing temperature checks at this time. If you have flu-like symptoms (example: sore throat, runny nose, coughing etc.) please stay at home.

Rental Equipment: We have rented helmets and allowed people to borrow pads. We are recommending people bring their own at this time. You WILL be allowed to rent skateboards for $3 per session. 

Water coolers: We have removed the free water coolers for safety reasons. You can still get free water from the tap. Bring a water bottle and we are happy to fill for you. We also have cold water bottles for sale for $1/per. 












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