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Skateboard Lessons 



  - Intermediate 10:00am

  - Beginner 11:00am

Park is closed (for open skate) during lessons. 



  - Intermediate 10:00am

  - Beginner 11:00am 

Park is closed during lessons. 


Beginner & Intermediate & Adult 6:00pm 

  • Group lessons are $25.

  • Park is closed during group lessons on Saturday and Sunday

  • Please RSVP for group lessons to 317-498-5299 or

  • Private lessons are $35 and scheduled based on the student and instructor availability. Request the date and time during park hours that best fits your schedule and we will do our best to accommodate.

  • Group and Private lessons last one (1) hour. 

  • Skate for a week at the park for no additional fee after your lesson. Benefit included for group and private lesson.



What beginners will learn:

Master the basics: body and foot positioning, pushing, turning, tic tacking, pumping on transitions, frontside and backside kick turns, carving transitions, dropping in on banks and transitions, introduction to the ollie, switch, fakie and some basic ramp and ground tricks. 


What intermediate level skaters will learn:

Getting faster on the board and maintaining speed, learning park flow and creating lines. Learning the basic ramp and ground tricks and then progressing to areas of strength and interest (transition vs. street). 

Transition: Rock to fakie, rock-n-roll, axle stalls, tail stalls, 50/50, boneless, sweepers, feebles, smiths, 5-0 stalls, Half cab, BS & FS disasters.

Street: Perfection of the ollie, ollie over, off and on obstacles, frontside and backside 180's, kickflips, heelflips, varial flips, no complys, manuels, airing off ramps, introduction to grinding on round and flat rails, introduction to tricks on ledges (50/50, feeble, krooks etc.). Introduction to fakie and switch tricks. 



Travis was originally inspired to skate by his sister Chrissy at a young age. He saved up and purchased his first skateboard in 1998 at seven (7) years old and has been hooked since. He loves teaching and really enjoys seeing his students progress. He holds a Masters of Arts in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Travis is available for private lessons and he oversees many group lessons. He is 31 years old. 




Brad lives on the south side of Indianapolis and has been skating since 1999. He first took an interest in skating after watching "Gleaming the Cube," a B movie starring Christian Slater. Brad was amazed how the board seemed to stick the the skater's feet in the movie and he had to learn. Between working full time with two kids, Brad still finds time to skate. 




All around skater. Brent can help you on transitions and flat ground.  You will see Brent during group lessons and at camps. Also instrumental in the skate competitions at Q. Brent is working to make a career in the industry. 




One of Indiana's most accomplished skateboarders. He has won several skate contests in the Midwest. Qualified and competed at Tampa Am. Recently invited to the Berrics in L.A. as a participant in game of S.K.A.T.E. Has several video parts. Was flow for Primitive Skateboards and currently on the Versed Skate Shop team. Austin has been a big asset at our camps. He resides in West Lafayette. 




Grace (15) got her start skating the Carmel park. She had a great instructor in John Howland (former Q instructor).. She is comfortable on ramps and flat ground having several tricks in her arsenal. Skates well in competitions having made the podium several times. She had a strong showing 2022 Street contest at Q. Grace is a camp instructor and is available to teach private lessons. 




Carsen (15) got started skating at Q and was one of the first kids to come to the Park when we opened almost six years ago. He came up learning through our weekly lessons. Carsen took a little break from skating and pursued competitive diving but has recently dedicated more time to skateboarding. All around skater getting better by the day. Carsen instructs at camps along with group and private lessons. 



Ion (16) came up through our skate lesson program at Q. Ion really took to skateboarding and advanced quickly. especially on transitions. Sponsors include ADI Skateboards and Plastic People. Ion instructs at camps, group lessons and is available for private lessons at the Park. 


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