Skateboard Lessons 



  - Intermediate 9:45am

  - Beginner 11:00am

Park is closed (for open skate) during lessons. 



  - Intermediate 9:45am

  - Beginner 11:00am 

Park is closed during lessons. 


Beginner & Intermediate & Adult 6:00pm (6/8/22 - we are removing the 7pm adult class and combining with the 6pm lesson)

* Group lesssons are $20

* Lessons last one (1) hour. 

* Private lessons are $35 and scheduled based on the student and instructor availability. We are flexible. 


What beginners will learn:

Master the basics: body and foot positioning, pushing, turning, tic tacking, pumping on transitions, frontside and backside kick turns, carving transitions, dropping in on banks and transitions, introduction to the ollie, switch, fakie and some basic ramp and ground tricks. 



What intermediate level skaters will learn:

Getting faster on the board and maintaining speed, learning park flow and creating lines. Learning the basic ramp and ground tricks and then progressing to areas of strength and interest (transition vs. street). 

Transition: Rock to fakie, rock-n-roll, axle stalls, tail stalls, 50/50, boneless, sweepers, feebles, smiths, 5-0 stalls, Half cab, BS & FS disasters.

Street: Perfection of the ollie, ollie over, off and on obstacles, frontside and backside 180's, kickflips, heelflips, varial flips, no complys, manuels, airing off ramps, introduction to grinding on round and flat rails, introduction to tricks on ledges (50/50, feeble, krooks etc.). Introduction to fakie and switch tricks. 



Michael lives in Indianapolis and has been skating for over 25 years. 
Sponsors:  Madrid Fly Paper, Rockets bearings, Khiro Bushings, past board sponsors, Punk Rock Skateboards, Madrid, WhatLuck Skateboards and Fickle.  I enjoy riding quality wood and good USA made products.

Favorite Tricks: Disaster Lipslides, 360 Airs, Swith Grabs, Layback grinds, Frontside slashers, Smith Grinds, Boneless one, BS Boneless, Rock-n-rolls.
Skate Influences: Friends, Legends of skating; Duane Peters, Cab, Lance, Vallely, Patch, Smith, Thomas, Danforth & Phillips​



Brad lives on the south side of Indianapolis and has been skating since 1999. He first took an interest in skating after watching "Gleaming the Cube," a B movie starring Christian Slater. Brad was amazed how the board seemed to stick the the skater's feet in the movie and he had to learn. Between working full time and being a husband  with two kids, Brad still finds time to skate. 

Favorite Tricks:

Skate Influences: 




Rob was born in Caracas, Venezuela and has been living in Indianapolis since 2001. He has been skateboarding for 16 years and loves it more than anything in the world. 

Favorite Tricks: 360 Flip, Backside Smith Grind, Full Cab

Skate Influences: Chad Muska, Sean Malto, Nick Trapasso



John lives in Indianapolis and has been skating since he was seven (7) years old. He got into skating watching X Games on TV. He told his Mom he needed a skateboard and got one the next day. He has been skating every since then. 

Favorite Tricks: Backside flips, Nollie frontside 360's, Backside heel flips, 

Skate Influences: Anthony Van Engelen (AVE) , Heitor Da Silva, Axel Cruysberghs, Corey Glick,  Milton Martinez