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Our mission with the skateboard park is to provide a safe and quality experience for those that use the park to skate and attend events.  We are inclusive to ALL that want to skate. We are just one little part in a bigger skate scene picture in central Indiana. 


​The priority for all of our events and this goes for the Park is the safety of your guests. It is important and it is the world we live in today. 17 and under will be required to wear a helmet. We strongly recommend 18 and over to wear a helmet but it is not required. It is absolutely necessary that everyone fills out a waiver and understands what they (participant and parent (if applicable) are signing. You know this part by now. There are rules and regulations. 

The Park

We have accumulated skate ramps through hosting and organizing skateboarding events the past decade and are hoping to fill a need in the local skate community in central Indiana with an indoor location in Indy. We have warehoused a number of ramps the past several years and heard a lot about a need for an indoor location. We decided to combine our warehouse & office with a facility where we could put up the ramps and also have extra space to host events. The park is skateboarding only. Feel free to email events@sequencesports.com or call us at 317-498-5299.


We have over 8000 sq ft of space in which 4000 sq ft will have more permanent skate ramps and then we will use the additional space for street style elements and the space can be easily reconfigured for events. Ceiling height is around 18 ft. 



Seating and viewing areas.

Heated park although we will keep below room temperature

Free parking. We can utilize three sides of the building

Food and Beverages for sale.

Room and Park Rentals


Skate product for sale

We do have restrooms

Lounge/TV Room

1727 Stout Field East Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46241




Park Info

Park Hours 

Monday 2pm - 10pm

Tuesday 2pm - 10pm

Wednesday 2pm - 10pm

Thursday 2pm - 10pm 

Friday 2pm - 10pm 

Saturday 12pm - 9pm

Sunday 12pm- 5pm

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