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Located in Stout Field about seven (7) minutes southwest of downtown Indianapolis. East access from I-70 and 465. Stout Field East Drive can be accessed off of Minnesota to the north and Raymond/Sam Jones Expressway to the South. Click for Map

Lost and Found

If you are missing an item or "lost property", please check the office 317-498-5299 to see if we have it. "Lost Property" can mean any unattended, abandoned, misplaced, or forgotten item. Lost and found is intended to return items missing to the rightful owner or dispose of them by the Park. Q Skatepark assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any personal belonging left unattended on Q Skatepark property and for loss, under any circumstances, including theft, vandalism, or malicious mischief of such belonging. We will take lost and found items and donate to a local organization after storing for 30 days. Any individual making a request for a lost item will be asked to provide a description of the item before it will be returned to them. 



Our mission with the skateboard park is to provide a safe and quality experience for those that use the park to skate and attend events.  We are inclusive to ALL that want to skate. We are just one little part in a bigger skate scene picture in central Indiana. 

Park Rental

You can rent Q Skatepark for birthdays to skate which includes the street area, transition area/with mini and private room for $75/hr and $50 for each additional hour. The break room can be rented for $25/hr. The park rental hours are limited during the winter months. Call 317-498-5299 or email events@sequencesports.com to book the park or with your questions. 

Punch Cards

We have two types of punch cards. You can buy 10 sessions for $50 ($20 in savings / $5 per day) or 25 sessions for $100 ($75 in savings / $4 per day). Savings based on the current $7 per day rate. The Card does not expire once purchased and does not adjust up with an increase in the per session rate. You can purchase the card at the Park.


​The priority for all of our events and this goes for the Park is the safety of your guests. It is important and it is the world we live in today. 17 and under will be required to wear a helmet. If you do not have a helmet, the Park rents helmets for $2 for the session. We strongly recommend 18 and over to wear a helmet but it is not required. It is absolutely necessary that everyone fills out a waiver and understands what they (participant and parent (if applicable) are signing. Please review the Park Rules and Regulations. 

Waiver of Liability 

Every person that skates the Park must have signed an atheltic waiver before skating. Participants 18 and over can sign their own waiver. Participants 17 and under must have the waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. 


1727 Stout Field East Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46241


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Park Hours 

 The Park is temporarily CLOSED. We are working on reopening in June 2020. 

Monday 2pm - 10pm

Tuesday 2pm - 10pm

Wednesday 2pm - 10pm

Thursday 2pm - 10pm 

Friday 2pm - 10pm 

Saturday 12pm - 9pm

Sunday 12pm- 5pm

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