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2022 Sequence Summer Series

The Sequence Summer Series is back for a second year and it includes a number of skateboarding competitions and music events that will take place at Sequence/Q Skatepark.

In 2021 there were four (4) skateboard competitions which will move to seven (7) this year. The skate competitions will be broken up and we are adding a couple "open" events. The open events will not have divisions. The schedule is below. We will have details on competitions soon.

Skateboard Competitions

June 11 - Game of Skate (16 and up, 15 and under)

June 25 - Park (12 and under, 13-15, Women)

July 16 - Street (12 and under, 13-15, Women)

July 30 -

August 27 - Mini Open

September 24 - Street Open

October 8 - Game of Skate (16 and up, 15 and under)

The music events will include skating, food and eventually art. The July date is being planned as a festival with multiple acts, food and possibly vendors. We are actively booking bands for the dates. These will be all ages events.

Music Events

June 4

July 22-23 - Festival

August 6

August 20 - Hip Hop Night

September 10

October 1

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