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Mini Ramp Comp Results

The second of four comps as part of the Sequence Summer Series is complete. Skaters were judged on :45 runs on the Mini Ramp followed by a Best Trick (in the small park area behind the Mini). Many came out to watch or skate and be part of the action. Skaters could compete in both the Mini and Best Trick or the one of their choice. The two were treated as two separate events. Thank you to Chris Pickey aka OM Collarbone, Shane Apolskis, Shawn Smith, Tyler Lee, Steven Hill, Ryan with Solace Skate Shop, Josh with Odyssey Board Company and Ryan with Solace Skate Shop for helping put on this event. Here are the results.

12 & Under Division

1st Place: Charlie MacFarlan

2nd Place: Asher Whipple

3rd Place: Gavin Svetlick

Best Trick: Carsyn Banter

13-15 Division

1st Place: Cale Oldenwelder

2nd Place: Josh Rodriguez

3rd Place: Peyton Moss

Best Trick: Drake Bradshaw

Women's Division

1st Place: Fiona Jones

2nd Place: Grace Kory

3rd Place: Phoebe Bostwick

Best Trick: Grace Kory

16+ Division

1st Place: DJ Taylor

2nd Place: Gabe Kirkham

3rd Place: Trent Farmer

Best Trick: Tim Hayes

Advanced Division

1st Place: Chase Bousman

2nd Place: Deano Tull

3rd Place: Dakota Ramey

Best Trick: Deano Tull

Next comp is September 4, 2021.

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