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Street Comp Results

It is good to be back hosting comps again. Since taking off a year hosting competitions we have seen a surge in the younger skater wanting to compete. The street comp had five (5) divisions. Skaters were judged on :45 runs on an indoor street course with ledges, rails, stairs, hubba's, banks & quarters. Special thanks to Minus Carmel Skate Shop and Solace Skate Shop for providing product for the event and support from Nomad Skate Shop, Odyssey Board Company and ADI Skateboards. And got to mention Chris Pickey aka OM Collarbone, Shawn Smith, Tyler Lee, Lilly & Jeff Leonard and Shane Apolskis for the pulling off the event operationally. Let's take a look at the results.

12 and Under Division

1st Place: AJ Sgroi

2nd Place: Gavin Svetlick

3rd Place: Quinn Gomez

Best Trick: AJ Sgroi

13-15 Division

1st Place: Cale Oldenwelder

2nd Place: Camren Poole

3rd Place: Drake Bradshaw

Best Trick: Camren Poole

Women's Division

1st Place: Fiona Jones

2nd Place: Grace Kory

3rd Place: Emma Leonard

Best Trick: Grace Kory

16+ Division

1st Place: Tito Benavides

2nd Place: Carson Underwood

Best Trick: Tito Benavides

Advanced Division

1st Place: Deano Tull

2nd Place: Oliver Cahill

3rd Place: Casper Jones

Best Trick: Deano Tull

Next competition: 8/14/21 - Mini Ramp Comp with Best Trick (in the small park area)

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